More than 20 years of proven experience

More than 20 years of proven experience


American Consult is a firm under which varied professionals come together to provide consulting services in fixed asset management, appraisals, warehouse management, information technology, real estate management and transactions to support medium and large companies. As a result of our advisory services, our clients have been able to count on objective and up-to-date information that reflects the real situation of their fixed assets, which has allowed them to make managerial decisions in a more expeditious and better sustained manner.


To offer the best solutions in fixed assets management and appraisals (industrial, real estate and financial) using cutting-edge technology and developing associate systems.

To be company with mayor credibility and professionalism in fixed assets recognized and covering appraisals of supplying total satisfaction of our client’s needs.

We are committed to being a consulting and fixed assets firm.

We have a professional team of consultants, with a high degree of commitment, ethics, quality and confidentiality with the work and with each of the clients.


In 1996, PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima), a Venezuelan government owned company, hires American Appraisal’s to appraise its fixed assets for insurance purposes. As a result of this project and according to their requirements, American Appraisal of Venezuela S.A., began to work like a subsidiary of their headquarters in the United States.
In July 2004 American Appraisal of Venezuela, S.A., started a series of changes and transformations. With its new name American Consult, S.A., we then became a subsidiary and affiliate of American Appraisal Associates, Inc. Today we are totally independent and autonomous with offices at Caracas, Panama and Miami.
Since 2008, American Consult, S.A., is present in the Republic of Panama through its affiliate American Consult Company Inc., created with the purpose of serving more international clients and strengthening its presence in the Latin American market.
In 2018, has begun the opening of the new office of American Consult USA Inc., at Miami.




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